The Fairies from Sleeping Beauty

Over the years the ballet school has put on several full costume shows. The shows to date are comprised of Noah's Ark, Peter Pan, Nutcracker, Four Seasons, Sleeping Beauty, Lion Witch and the Wardrobe, and the Wizard of Oz. The performances are now filmed by a professional video company with the movies making wonderful presents for grandparents or distant family members. Our professional photographer, Terence Davey, also captures excellent photographs, as can be seen from his images throughout our website.

Programmes from past events The Invitation List from Sleeping Beauty Meeting the Wizard from the Wizard of Oz

The pupils' parents can, and have in the past, been very involved with costume making and helping out backstage. There is also an opportunity for pupils to take part in the design of the show programmes; Two winners are chosen, one for each performance. Shows are produced every other year so, in-between, there are opportunities for pupils to take ballet exams in the Cecchetti Method.


As all of our shows have been photographed, we now have many wonderful images. We have collated a number from a few shows in a gallery for you to view.

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Every other year the school puts on a major production followed by a year of Cecchetti Ballet exams.

In 2013 pupils from Reception upwards took part in “The Four Seasons”. Photos from this production can be seen in the gallery.

This summer term sees the last term of ballet exams before work begins on the next production in 2015.