From toddler fun to rewarding syllabus work


Term Dates can be viewed by clicking on this link to the Term Dates page. If there are exams scheduled for the current term then you will find the dates published here too.

We have classes for children from ages two and a half upwards, no matter what their ability. Classes run between Tuesday and Saturday each week during normal school term times, with Fridays hosting an extended keep fit class for adults. You can find out more specific details by clicking on the following links.

Practicing positions

2 - 3 years:- Toddler class

This class is designed to inspire the budding ballerina. Skills of listening, taking in turns, making friends and having fun through imaginative dance and wonderful music are learnt. A good preparation for nursery school.

3 - 4 years:- Pre-ballet

This class builds on the previous class using more structure and discipline! Working on placement and muscle control, linking movement to music.

4 - 6 years:- Introduction to ballet

This class begins with 10-15 minutes of tap which is fun and loud! Through the tap the pupil is made aware of rhythm and co-ordination which continues into their ballet, where the basic steps are learnt.

Practicing positions

6 years onwards:- Syllabus work

Each class from the age of six moves onto syllabus work. The classes are structured around the exam syllabus so there is still flexibility and opportunity for pupils to use their own creativity. The tap element of the class continues till secondary school. There are also opportunities to take ballet exams in the Cecchetti method. Every second year the school puts on a ballet show which is an opportunity for children to perform to a large audience and have the experience of putting on a costume and makeup.

parents' feedback

Over the years, we have received much feedback from the parents of our pupils. A typical note is shown below.


"What I like about the ABC Ballet School is that the school runs lessons on a regular, reliable and professional basis.

The school is skilled at combining fun and respect with the discipline required of its pupils. The school is also very responsive to parents' enquiries and a prompt response is always guaranteed!"

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